A timeless collection of socks and tights,
"made in France" and certified Oeko-Tex

The world of Bambines is above all a permanent collection of socks and tights available in 55 colors.

We are honoring 3 "flagship" models:

the ribbed sock, the cuffed sock and the pantyhose.

Models in various colors, presented in the form of color chart.

The colors are refined, precious and subtle to adapt and follow fashion trends to the nearest.

Our socks and tights are "Made in France", knitted in France with .

We select high quality yarns, soft, comfortable and natural materials. Our cottons are certified Oeko-Tex, and guarantee the absence of toxic products for the environment as well as for the skin of the children.


to compose

The Bambines propose you to create your box ...

Choose your styles of socks or tights as well as your colors and your sizes.

Our boxes to create:

Barnabé, the box of 5 pairs of ribbed socks

Albert, the box of 5 pairs of socks with cuffs

Ferdinand, the box of 3 tights

Calixte, the mixed box with 1 pair of ribbed socks, 1 pair of cuffed socks and 1 pair of tights.



To complete and twister our permanent line, we offer "capsule" collections throughout the year.

Unique creations, patterns, pompoms, shiny, subtle and refined materials ...

News and themes developed at the rhythm of the seasons and proposed in limited editions ...